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Poems for Good

by Berliner Benson

Commission a poem to proclaim your love, fire your boss, thank a friend for feeding your goldfish, and other crucial stuff.
Water Run

by BBH London

Your way to show solidarity with the life of an African woman or child, and their constant fight for clean water.

by The Mill

The Mill curates a Limited Edition Poster Series for Famine Aid by repurposing hidden gems and unused assets from its creative archives.
Good Shirts


BBH New York and UNICEF U.S. Fund teamed up with Threadless and the artists Christine and Justin Gignac to design T-Shirts that cost the exact price of ...

by Made by Many

DareBot will be a neat little app to help you raise money for East Africa by doing funny, silly and challenging dares.
Plumpton Mornings

by Smithery

Plumpton Mornings is a digital art project, exploring the relationship between physical and digital, certainty and uncertainty. A series of physical ar...

by Studio Aad

An upside down pyramid scheme for the 21st century. Creatives are asked to donate an illustration of an apple, 50eu and to ask 2 more creatives to do th...

by James, Rameet and Jay

A Swearbox for the Twitter age. Turn every bad word into a good deed and see how much your bad language could raise for charity.
50/50 Mix

by Fallon

We've teamed up with some very special collaborators to offer you an exclusive piece of digital art from Adam Smith and the Chemical Brothers.
The Pound Store

by Sapient Nitro

The Pound Store is an online pound shop, selling products at life saving prices for the East African famine.
Let's Not Do Lunch


Rather than go out to eat with your colleagues or interested vendor over a business lunch that is most likely paid for by an expense account, donate $5,...
12,000,000 people

by Wolff Olins

Wolff Olins, alongside OMD, Bernard Hodes and Doremus have launched an inter-office month-long appeal to raise money for the East African crisis. Employ...
Kidsdraw (1)
Kids Draw for East Afr...

by John and Charlotte

A child is dying of hunger every six minutes in Somalia. In six minutes, your child can paint or draw a picture that can mean the difference between lif...
Kenyan Chickens

by Carbon Five

There has been an outbreak of Newcastle disease and the farmers of East Kenya need your help!
Festival Food Swap

by Independents United

Donate the cost of a nasty festival meal and drink to the East Africa famine appeal and in return you'll receive free copies of Festival Annual 09, Fest...
Give your lunch to Africa

by Grey London

The amount of money we spend on a latte and Panini could feed a family. We live in a world that produces more than enough food to feed itself, where n...
A Mile In Their Shoes

by In Their Life

In Their Life has teamed up with 50/50 Good at the NYC Famine Hackathon find ways to raise money and awareness for famine relief in Africa.
The Karma Equalizer

by NYC Famine Hackathon

Turn your bad into something good.
Tips for Change

by Arnold Worldwide

We are leaving Foursquare tips with a call to action to donate from your mobile phone across the city of Boston all while building a tool kit for others...
Buy Tunes, Feed Africa

by d4

Buy apps, music and film from iTunes using the 50/50 portal. We donate the referral commission to Unicef.
Today I eat for Africa

by Evert and Koen

We often don't realise the value of food while others are starving for it. What if today you eat and donate the meal's value to someone in East-Africa?
The Good Belly Project

by Mullen

People love food so much they take photos of their meals to share with friends. We're going to reach out to foodies and turn their passion into action ...
NYC Famine Hackathon

by The Difference Engine

Bringing folks from the startup and tech community together with designers and marketers, fundraising experts and just good folks to develop and launch ...

by Moonshot

Donate your old cell phone to help fight famine in East Africa. You can save lots of lives, and it only costs you a phone that you don't need anymore

by Modea

InstaEarth tells a rich, visual story through the eyes of Instagramers around the world.
The 6 minutes project

by The Social Practice

A child dies of starvation in East Africa every 6 minutes. Donate just 6 minutes of your salary to make a real difference. Use our app to calculate what...

by Mike Overthrow

Buying from Amazon? Visit first! Click on one of the Amazon links, buy as normal on Amazon. BUT ...
I gave a buck, now you...

by Disrupt4Good

Give a ‘buck’, then ask your friends and the media to ‘give a f**k’ via twitter. Compete with others to raise money and cause maximum disruption!

by Jack & Paul / Enjoythis

A website that targets celebrities who tweet brand endorsements for cash. The platform lets you send prewritten tweets, urging each celebrity to donate ...
Space for Change

by For Love Not Money

A website that acts as positive ad space. Every time you watch the content, you prompt a brand to donate money to the cause, instead of spending it on t...

by GFN collective

4words challenges you to create a short video inspired by the 4 words 'Help For A Change'. Upload it to our site and send it out to Twitter and Facebo...
Toilet to Pocket

by Relax in the Air

By donating for famine relief in East Africa every time you go to the toilet, you'll remember that you're lucky enough to process food and drink.
#f*ckfamine SwearJar

by Albion London

An application to track your swearing on Twitter, and tweet you a weekly bill. A dashboard to gamify profanity, encouraging people to swear for Africa.
Fight the Famine

by 15 Million Elephants

Help grow awareness and support by displaying a clickable "Fight the Famine" Action Emblem on Facebook, in your email signature and on your blog or comp...
Facebook Famine

by Public House

Pledge to stay off Facebook for a set amount of time and donate to famine relief. Raise money and awareness.
The Fat Planner

by Alejandro Lozada

This planner is eating exclusively what an African refugee would for 50 days. Follow his story here.