What is 50/50?

East Africa has been hit by the most severe drought in 60 years. 12 million people are at risk. One child is dying every six minutes and fundraising efforts are struggling to keep up to fund the relief effort required.

This is a children's crisis, with one in three children suffering severe malnutrition. They need high-nutritional food, Plumpy'nut, along with sanitised water and inoculation against disease. UNICEF is currently delivering life-saving support in health and nutrition, water, sanitation and child protection, but given the scale of the crisis there is still much more to be done.
How 50/50 was born

The 50/50 platform evolved out of a fruitful collaboration between social innovators Good for Nothing and digital creatives Made by Many. It was conceived over a few enthusiastic Skype calls, several beers, and some agile tech experiments.

As a team we felt compelled to help, to try and make a dent in the huge funding gap. We thought about the direct power of citizens, people using their networks to come together and fix things.

It's now an international initiative with nearly 50 projects spread across 8 different countries. Think of it as a collaborative fundraising experiment—a collection of extraordinary digital projects from all over the world.

So far the success of 50/50 has been entirely dependent on a broad team of individuals, collectives, agencies, clients and media getting involved to form an adhocracy of makers.

We now need your help. We now have our projects. We need more donations.